Four Things To Consider Before Offering Telemedicine

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the interest in telemedicine increased significantly. With patients feeling it was difficult or downright dangerous to leave their homes, doctors began to roll out more initiatives to speak with patients through a digital connection. If you are thinking of following in their footsteps, you should be prepared for the potential hurdles that may follow. Read these four things to consider before offering telemedicine so you can be ready for the change.

Know the Laws

Every doctor who practices telemedicine must be well-versed in the laws that govern telemedicine in the state where that service is delivered. You may want to go over the specific laws with a lawyer before you commit to any course of action. Furthermore, you can review the documents released by the American Telemedicine Association (ATA) for information on telemedicine coverage in your state.

Consider the Patient’s Experience

Most doctors are tech-savvy enough to see how telemedicine can instantly make their work more convenient. But you cannot assume the same for your patients. Some of your patients may struggle with computer literacy or reside in places where they cannot be guaranteed privacy during an over-the-phone doctor’s visit. Among the four things to consider before offering telemedicine, one of the most important is your patient’s experience.

Ensuring a Profitable Telemedicine ROI

At the end of the day, the healthcare business is a business. You need to turn a profit. Telemedicine is not inherently cheaper than other methods of communicating with your patients. If you want it to be a successful venture, you still need to be intelligent about how you increase or decrease your staffing requirements, how you handle your server loads, and how you manage other peripheral adjustments that still require your attention.

Partnering With the Right Billing Partner

Telemedicine is an exciting new world. But like with any fresh space, there is room for masters and quacks. Be careful as you choose a partner to assist you with the complex, stressful business of telehealth-related billing. If you thought reimbursement policies were difficult before, just wait until you see the complications that arise when everything is managed online. You need a billing partner that can help you scale purposefully and carefully.

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