Medical Spa Insurance

The proliferation of medical spas offering aesthetic treatments runs the risk of diluting the message of the words “medical” in the name of the practice. Patients who enjoy spa treatments for aesthetic purposes may view the procedure more as a luxurious getaway than a medical treatment that carries risk. As a result, patients who are disappointed with results may become litigious and sue a medical spa over known risks they didn’t thoroughly consider before providing consent.

As with any medical procedure, things can go wrong. When mistakes happen during aesthetic procedures, the results can be particularly devastating for patients. Malpractice lawsuits can result in judgments exceeding $1,000,000. They can destroy your business and jeopardize your reputation. Don’t expose yourself or your staff to such risks.

That’s why, along with general liability insurance, MediSpas must carry medical spa malpractice insurance that is both broad and specific enough to cover all the services provided. While your practice may concentrate on skin treatments, hair removal, or sclerotherapy, medical spa insurance should cover these and other procedures you plan to offer.

Since 1996, Baxter & Associates has helped our clients find and select the best professional insurance for their specific practice. Medical spa insurance must change along with the introduction of new procedures and treatments. Treatments like ketamine therapy, regenerative medicine, platelet-rich plasma treatments, and IV hydration have joined Botox treatments, microdermabrasion, permanent cosmetics, and liposuction in the array of services medical spas perform. Procedures from vein therapies (sclerotherapy) to body wraps and even yoga require protection from potential claims.

Your medical staff, nurses, medical director, and administrative staff should be protected, as claimants will look for all available avenues to recoup compensation for what they perceive to be damage you or your staff has caused.

Make sure your practice has the right type of insurance to cover the treatments and procedures you provide at an appropriate level. This will protect your practice, your license, and your staff from potentially devasting legal consequences when patients don’t get the results they wanted—however unrealistic their expectations may have been.