Telemedicine Malpractice Insurance

The normalization of telemedicine brings the normalization of associated risk. The novelty of telehealth wore off during pandemic restrictions; at this time, many patients put off seeing their doctors altogether, while others sought remote care.

When medical providers must rely on a patient’s self-reported vitals, internet connections are spotty, and hands-on examination isn’t possible, mistakes can happen, and things can be missed. Patients who feel they have received sub-par care or been the victims of medical errors can sue for malpractice just as if they had received in-person care. All professionals providing remote health care should maintain telemedicine malpractice insurance.

Medical malpractice insurance for telemedicine is just as critically important as insurance for in-person care. Remote diagnoses are difficult, and communication conducted on a screen instead of face-to-face can result in misunderstandings. Telemedicine liability insurance protects medical professionals in the event a patient brings a lawsuit alleging negligence or malpractice on the part of a doctor, nurse, or physician’s assistant. Protect all the professionals in your medical practice with telemedicine liability insurance.

Baxter and Associates has been working with medical professionals and other professionals since 1996 to find the necessary insurance coverage to protect their livelihoods. Malpractice coverage for telemedicine is now a necessity, as patients who find it difficult to attend appointments in person appreciate the convenience of a remote consultation. As much as they appreciate the remote option, the accessibility of health care through telemedicine won’t prevent a patient from filing a malpractice lawsuit if they’ve been harmed, a provider made a mistake, or the patient perceives they have been given less than the applicable standard of care for their condition.

If your clinic, medical group, or solo practice offers telehealth services, and you have not updated your malpractice insurance to address the specific risks associated with providing remote care, contact Baxter and Associates today. We have worked with medical, legal, and insurance professionals since 1996 to identify and secure appropriate professional liability insurance that allows professionals to pursue their practices with confidence and know they are covered in the event of a malpractice lawsuit.

Contact Baxter and Associates to explore your options for telemedicine malpractice insurance. We’ll help you find the coverage that works for you, so you can get on with providing the care you are trained to give.