Integrative Medicine Malpractice Insurance

Practitioners from various disciplines who participate in integrative medicine treatment are every bit as vulnerable to lawsuits as those whose care stays within the definition of traditional or conventional “Western” medicine. Patients who seek an integrative medicine approach may see several providers, from doctors, nurses, and nurse practitioners to yoga instructors, massage therapists, and healers who use methods like Reiki, biofeedback, meditation, or nutritional supplements.

When something goes wrong, or a patient doesn’t see the results they were hoping for, any or all the practitioners on their team of care providers can be targets of litigation seeking damages for real or perceived harm. That’s why it is so important for providers to carry integrative medicine malpractice insurance.

Similarly, practitioners of functional medicine are as vulnerable to lawsuits as specialists in various traditional medical fields. While integrative medicine focuses on the whole person, functional medicine looks at specific diseases and conditions and tries to discover and treat the underlying cause or causes. A person found to have chronic inflammation may experience a multitude of problems ranging from arthritis to cardiac disease to diabetes; a patient with depression or anxiety could be suffering from many different contributing conditions, such as vitamin deficiencies or the side effects of medication. In any functional medicine scenario, adverse results, a misdiagnosis, or failure to discover the cause and cure of a condition can result in a lawsuit. Practitioners must protect themselves and their team with functional medicine malpractice insurance.

Integrative medicine has become an increasingly popular choice among those with chronic or severe illnesses, including cancer, fibromyalgia, persistent gastrointestinal problems, joint pain, and mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression. The philosophy of integrative medicine involves treating the “whole person” and emphasizes a partnership between doctors, other providers, and the patient.

In integrative, or functional, medicine, the relationship between practitioner and patient becomes a close partnership. When a patient believes their care provider isn’t holding up their end of the bargain, or their high expectations are not met with anticipated results, disappointment can evolve into blame, which can lead to lawsuits.

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