Malpractice Insurance for IV Therapy

Malpractice Insurance for IV Therapy

Celebrities have heightened public awareness of IV therapies. Originally used only for pain management and surgical recovery, IV therapy has branched out into the administration of ketamine, electrolytes, hydration, and vitamins.

These infusions, given intravenously, carry risks. That’s why states that permit them usually require a licensed medical professional to administer them. Ketamine, particularly, can be dangerous if used inappropriately.

Clinics and medical spas that provide infusion therapies need malpractice insurance for IV therapy. Patients can suffer adverse reactions—particularly if no one, including the patient, was aware they had an allergy to ingredients in the infusion.

Ketamine has been shown to improve symptoms of depression in patients for whom other treatments have been ineffective, but IV infusions of ketamine for this purpose are not approved by the FDA. Yet doctor’s offices have administered it this way for treatment-resistant depression.

Most patients seek IV therapy more for general wellness. Some want vitamins and electrolytes administered via IV to treat hangovers or recover from extreme athletic exertion.

Placing an IV requires puncturing the skin with a needle, so infection is always a risk. How the solution to be infused is stored, and what’s in it, are also factors in the success or failure of desired outcomes.

All medical professionals and medical practices that provide IV therapies should maintain malpractice insurance for IV therapy. Those administering IV ketamine infusions should ensure they are insured against risks related to providing that specific treatment.

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