5 Personality Traits of a Great Nurse Practitioner

No one would say being a nurse practitioner is easy, but it is emotionally and financially rewarding work. That said, you’ll need certain personality traits to be a great nurse practitioner. We break down what it takes to be a successful nurse practitioner below!


Empathy is one of the most important characteristics healthcare providers need—especially nurse practitioners. You’ll need an inward motivation to help people suffering and strive to give your patients the best healthcare possible. Without compassion for your patients, you won’t feel the same duty to help them and won’t receive the same satisfaction and inner enrichment when you do help them overcome challenges.


Communication is critical to all healthcare providers. Nurse practitioners deal directly with patients and must communicate with other treatment team members to organize solutions and pass along information. Nurse practitioners must be comfortable communicating clearly and effectively with different people—from all patients to fellow staff and administration.

Critical Thinking

Many of the responsibilities of nurse practitioners involve thinking on their feet, analyzing the available evidence, and making snap judgments. Nurse practitioners often have to make critical decisions regarding patient care. This responsibility means that they must have the critical thinking skills to make observations and compress that information into a viable treatment plan for the patient.

While there are ways to hone this skill in school and training, much comes from experience. But if you have a strong analytical skillset, you have the foundation for enhancing your critical thinking skills as you grow more experienced in the role.

Attention to Detail

In practically every job, paying attention to the details is important, but with nurse practitioners, it’s a necessity. Many nurse practitioners’ responsibilities involve reviewing minute details, from patient history to patient education, examinations, and diagnosis. Being organized and attentive to the details of your job is critical to being a successful nurse practitioner.


Another personality trait of a great nurse practitioner is physical and mental endurance. Physically, nurse practitioners spend much of their day on their feet, checking on patients, performing procedures, and even occasionally lifting heavy objects.

Mental endurance, however, is just as critical. Being a nurse practitioner isn’t easy and often comes with long, mentally, and emotionally draining days. Nurse practitioners must have the mental fortification necessary to keep working for the benefit of their patients and colleagues.

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