Choosing Dental Malpractice Insurance

Like other medical professionals, dentists need legal protection from malpractice claims. There are many options out there, so it is helpful to know how to find the best insurance. Here are some important details to consider when choosing dental malpractice insurance.

Their Expertise With Dentists

The first thing to consider about an insurance agency or policy provider is the expertise they have defending dentists. Though dentists are undoubtedly medical professionals, many insurance providers have more experience with claims made against other kinds of doctors. You need to know that your insurance provider is equipped to handle the particularities of your field of medicine. If you have a consultation, ask them about their experience defending dentists and if they look to settle a claim or litigate it.

The Type of Policies They Offer

Medical malpractice insurance comes in many shapes and sizes. However, there are two main types widely found: occurrence and claims-made malpractice insurance. Occurrence and claims-made policies offer very different types of coverage, depending on the time of the incident in question and the time that the claim is made. Though you may already know what coverage you want, it is helpful to have other options when renewing your policy in the future.

What You Have To Pay

An important consideration in any insurance policy is the price for the coverage you want. With dental malpractice insurance, you need to understand the premiums you are required to pay. This will help you integrate the price of insurance into your overall budget. Before you make a consultation, come up with a range of prices you are willing to pay for malpractice coverage so you know what costs you can manage.

The world of insurance can be complicated and frustrating, but choosing dental malpractice insurance that will fully cover you is important for the sustainability of your practice. If you have any questions or would like to get a quote, contact us here at Baxter and Associates LLC for more information on medical malpractice insurance for dentists.