Professionals Who Need Malpractice Insurance

It is a common misconception that malpractice insurance is only for those who perform intensive care or in-depth medical procedures. Regardless of how you engage with people’s bodies, if you deliver any form of medical treatment or physical healing, you should have a malpractice insurance policy covering your bases. Here some of the professionals who need malpractice insurance.


Chiropractors don’t use a scalpel like a surgeon, but they do manipulate people’s bodies to alleviate pain and align their skeletal structure. Chiropractors offer invaluable services to anyone dealing with joint and bone pain, so they must have chiropractic malpractice insurance that protects them from financial damages during potential lawsuits.


Dentists perform a wide variety of oral hygiene treatments. Many of these are harmless, such as cleaning and flossing patients’ teeth. However, they occasionally pull a tooth or fill a cavity, which could result in harm to the patient. As such, these medical professionals need protection just like everyone else.


Many people overlook the importance of taking care of our feet. From walking to driving, our feet are essential parts of the body that facilitate even the simplest daily activities. That’s why podiatrists are such necessary medical professionals—they give our feet the attention they deserve. Yet, the essential nature of feet can work against podiatrists who might face a serious legal battle if they cause irreparable and life-changing harm to someone’s life through their feet. Podiatrists should find professional liability insurance to protect their assets.

Nurse Practitioners

Nurse practitioners are invaluable members of the medical community who work tirelessly to assess and treat patients. Though they do not have a doctor’s title, they operate in similar capacities in primary and urgent care settings. Due to this breadth of practice and depth of patient interaction, NPs should look out for their careers and protect themselves from potential malpractice lawsuits.

Every expert who works in the medical field counts as one of the professionals who need malpractice insurance. If you see yourself on this list and need proper coverage, reach out to our team at Baxter & Associates to find medical malpractice insurance for your field.