The Importance of Having CRNA Malpractice Insurance

No matter what specialty you perform in the medical field, you interact with patients or their treatment to some degree. Certified registered nurse anesthetists are one such medical professional whose work involves significant patient engagement.

While you have the necessary degrees and experience, there is always the possibility that something could go wrong, and your patient will need to bring the problem to the legal sphere. In that case, it is best to have additional support by your side to protect your career if the situation goes sideways. Here is the importance of having CRNA malpractice insurance.

The Riskiness of Anesthesiology

Certified registered nurse anesthetists deal in drug-based sedation. While medicine is highly scientific, anesthesiology does require a certain level of creativity and experiential nuance. As such, the exactitude of a CRNA’s performance is less prescriptive and more subjective.

Because each patient requires a tailor-made solution, there is always the possibility of slight miscalculation or outright misadministration. In the event of anesthesiologic oversight, the patient may experience adverse side effects that prompt them to file a legal claim against you. It’s best to have CRNA malpractice insurance to cover your bases if a patient levels brings legally backed accusations against your medical performance.

Protect Your Interests

As a CRNA, you likely work in a practice or facility setting among other medical professionals. If you happen to work in a hospital, chances are you have a general malpractice insurance policy covering you and your colleagues from work-related lawsuits. However, these policies don’t have your best interests at heart—they serve to protect the medical institution, not your career.

That’s why you must take your career protection into your own hands. Don’t entrust an employer and their insurance policy with your financial and vocational future. CRNA malpractice insurance that addresses your specific scope of practice will serve you better in the long run than an employer’s policy.

Keep Doing What You Love

Medical professionals spend countless hours studying, working, and perfecting their craft to offer the best services to people in need. While professional interest and zeal may ebb and flow, your heart for medicine remains true. Keep doing what you love by protecting your career from disgruntled patients. All it takes is one determined former patient demanding an astronomical settlement to derail your professional legitimacy and devastate your financial stability.

Knowing the importance of having CRNA malpractice insurance can help you safeguard your career for decades to come. If you have any questions about medical malpractice insurance for CRNAs, our team at Baxter & Associates can answer all your queries. Reach out to us today and let us help you help others with peace of mind.