Tips for Managing Stress as a Nurse Anesthetist

Managing your emotional health on top of your daily duties as a certified registered nurse anesthetist feels nearly impossible. It’s far simpler to prioritize the job and neglect your mental wellbeing. However, this is a road to misery paved by worry. Instead of living on the emotional edge, try out these tips for managing stress as a nurse anesthetist.

Name It and Sit With It

The first step in stress management is acknowledging that you’re stressed. Without an accurate perspective, you will always have trouble identifying your problem and taking effective action against it. Name your stress and sit with it for a minute. This could look like reflective journaling or introspective conversations with a therapist.

Get To the Root

The hardest part of noticing stress is finding its root. Sure, your job is stressful, but what about your job is stressful? Here are a few common stressors nurse anesthetists face that you could subconsciously struggle with:

  • Overloaded with tasks
  • Always racing the clock
  • Inadequate professional social support structure
  • Exposure to diseases, workplace injuries, and agitated patients

Connect With Others Outside Work

It is so easy to let workplace relationships consume your life, especially when working in a demanding atmosphere with long hours. CRNAs, just like everyone else, need to have friendships outside of work. Connect with other people in your neighborhood and community. Join interest groups and find ways to play sports with others. The more people you let in, the easier it becomes to manage your stress.

Safeguard Your Career

Nurse anesthetists work under intense pressure to perfectly perform every day, with dire consequences should something go wrong. Many CRNAs live with the nagging anxiety that a career-ending lawsuit is just one miscalculation away. CRNA malpractice insurance like ours at Baxter & Associates can help you find rest from your worries. Safeguard your career with a safety net.

Remember these tips for managing stress as a nurse anesthetist as you go about your daily duties. Though the medical field is demanding, try to recall the positive things you encounter each day. Patients are not the only ones who can have stories of triumph—conquer your day with a renewed mind.