What Is a Malpractice Insurance Face Sheet?

A malpractice insurance face sheet is one of the most useful and important documents in a policy, but do you know what it is? Learn the basics of insurance face sheets for malpractice and professional liability policies below.

Malpractice Insurance Face Sheet, Defined

An insurance face sheet is sometimes described as a declaration sheet or a certificate of coverage. The face sheet specifies the insured’s personal information and offers a brief policy and coverage overview.

A malpractice insurance face sheet summarizes the facts of the policy and the insured. As anyone with an insurance policy knows, it can contain much information and jargon to understand, so this one-page document makes it easy to summarize everything within the policy.

Is a Face Sheet a Legal Document?

While it’s certainly a useful document, a face sheet is not a legal document for an insurance policy like a signed contract is. The face sheet is more like a cheat sheet for you, your insurer, and your employer’s benefit if it’s employer-owned insurance.

A helpful way to think of a face sheet is like a larger version of an insurance card you may carry in your wallet for health or auto insurance. Like a wallet card, the certificate of coverage provides basic information about the insured while providing a concise summary of the policy in just one page.

Components of a Face Sheet

Within the one page of a face sheet, a reader will digest a mountain of information in just a few lines. The top of the sheet will be the basic information: contact information of the insured and the insurance provider.

Below that will be general coverage information, such as the following data:

  • Policy number
  • Claims-made or occurrence coverage
  • Coverage limits
  • Deductible size
  • Effective and expiration date

Lastly, a face sheet will define the scope of the coverage. For a medical practitioner, it will say the insured is covered for medical advice relating to their specialty, not legal advice.

Malpractice and professional liability insurance can contain a lot of confusing documents and jargon. At Baxter & Associates, our experts can help make the process easier by providing chiropractic malpractice insurance quotes and explanations for insurance terminology and documents. If you need help finding the ideal malpractice insurance for you or your practice, contact Baxter & Associates today.