When To Disclose a Malpractice Case to Potential Employers

Applying and interviewing for a new nursing position is stressful and difficult for many. Some nurses worry about their medical malpractice past and wonder when is the best time to disclose a malpractice case to potential employers. Read on to learn more about this challenging situation and what actions to take.

Disclose As Early as Possible

The disclosure of past malpractice litigation is often one of the first topics of an interview or a job application for a nursing position. It’s a basic question, like an application asking if the applicant has a criminal history.

The interviewee or applicant would not often have to disclose a malpractice case to potential employers themselves, so the only concern is answering the question honestly when prompted. If, for some reason, the potential employer doesn’t ask for this information during the first interview, it’s best to disclose it before leaving. You want to ensure that it doesn’t linger over the applicant process or make it seem like you’re hiding anything.

Remember, It’s Not a Huge Concern

If you’re concerned that a malpractice case in the past could cost you a future job, you shouldn’t worry. Malpractice cases are so common for nurses and physicians that it’s generally assumed if you’ve worked in the trade long enough, you’ll face litigation eventually.

Your interviewer has likely been through a medical malpractice case before and knows that it’s often a dispute that has little to do with the quality of care provided. It would only be a cause for concern if these cases are frequent in your career, but otherwise, it’s nothing out of the ordinary.

Consider Bringing a Letter From Your Attorney

If you’re truly concerned about a certain malpractice claim becoming an obstacle in your application, consider bringing a letter from your attorney that outlines the facts of the case. Without using names, your attorney can explain your side of the claim that may not be present in the bare documents of the claim and explain the case’s outcome.

Bringing this information is an effective way to have a professional explain the case without having to defend yourself during the interview, allowing you to focus on your strengths.

Where To Get Malpractice Insurance

One of the reasons malpractice insurance is so critical for nurse practitioners and other medical professionals is malpractice suits are so common. If you need professional liability insurance for nurse practitioners, Baxter & Associates can help. Contact our staff, and we can connect you with insurance companies that can offer you comprehensive professional liability coverage at an affordable price.